Check #mygirls, or how Adidas SM campaign won’t get closer to Nike’s

I’ve came across an ad from adidas on twitter. Apparently, they are (finally) trying to remarket to their female customers *cheering* with positive images of women in sports *further cheering*.

As I watched the video, the overall tone has made me uncomfortable. The multiculturalism and fun sporting is supercool, but #mygirls don’t seem to go much deeper than cheerleading.


Then I’ve seen another video, adidas Girls all in. Adidas ran a contest to choose some new faces for their campaign, and with so little info about the winning girls, sounds like someone was trying to get cheap models more than actually supporting women’s sports.


I do appreciate the effort on portraying positive female relationships and teamwork rather than cold competition, and I always liked Adidas’ vintage style, but they still have a long way to go to reach Nike’s emotional campaigns for women.

You want to target women? Cool. Start taking gender issues seriously. Seriously.

P.S. Dear Adidas, can I ask you how old are the girls you’re targeting your ‘girls section’ to?

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P.SS. Ok. The Jordan boxers are cool.