Virgin’s free WiFi to stay: Need new tube map

You got the same e-mail today. Extended free WiFi *Yay!* till 2013 where no 3G connection reaches: the modern dungeons of Moira, or should I say London’s tube.

Virgin's free WiFi on the Underground it's staying free till the end of the year

For easy visualization, Virgin’s Media communication team has merged the WiFi icon with parts of the underground map in a clean and beautiful way and used it as decoration repeatedly all over their ad-hoc communication page.

Virgin's visualization of a tube station with WiFi Virgin's visualization of a tube station with WiFi

It’s easy, quick and cristal clear.

However, when you go to the “Station Guide” to check where you can connect (as not all the tube stations give the service) information is only provided in the form of a station list. Ordered alphabetically. There’s no tube map with the WiFi stations *Ouch*

That might be ok if you just wanted to check you usual station. But what if you ‘need’ to get constantly online, let’s say, even when you take the tube? Not only waiting on the underground platform, but commuting trains, or even (yes, I’ve done this) twitting on the train, on the move, while passing a tube station with WiFi. Then a list is not you best option. Another reason why a map would have been better is we tend to understand tube information visually. Either because it’s easier or because we are trained to do so through the tube map.

In any case, what I’ve done is taking my paper tube map, a pen, checking on the list one per one every tube station and drawing by hand that little icon on it. Unfancy, rough but useful for me.

London underground map with Virgin's WiFi hotspots

And yes, I’ll be using this untill someone else comes with a better image. If you are a graphic designer, I very much encourage you to make a beautiful image of it and get some credit from exceedingly grateful Virgin users like me. Have fun!

Edited: Okay, Eventually I did iterate myself. There you go:

Wifi tube map